The Easy Business Plan Outline: 6 – 12 Pages Long ©

By Roger S. Cohen ©                                                                PDF of Easy Business Plan Outline

Small businesses are often advised to prepare a written business plan. We know that this task can be very difficult to start. Business plan software is complicated to use, and organizing a plan on your own can be confusing.

This is a short business plan outline. It is especially suitable for a technology company, but can be utilized by any firm. Your finished business plan will be just six to twelve pages long.

The Easy Business Plan Outline By Roger S. Cohen

1. Cover Page and Executive Summary
Provide your contact information and three-paragraph summary of your business plan. Write this last.

2. Concise Description of the Proposed Business

2.1 Problem Statement.
Describe the problem in the market, and why that problem needs to be solved by your company.
2.2 Proposed Solution to the Problem.
Describe your solution to the market problem, why it works, and why the market will want to buy it. Describe the products or services to be sold.
Discuss your intellectual property.

3. History and Background of the Market, Product and Technology
Demonstrate that you know the market. Show that you have expertise in this business.

4. Description of the Potential Market

4.1 Market Description.

4.1.1 Define the market(s) and what groups are in the market(s). Discuss the size and location of the market(s).4.1.2 Discuss the potential purchasing power of the market(s).

4.1.3 Discuss what kind of cooperation or strategic alliances with other firms and individuals will be needed.

4.2 Promotion.
Describe the methods to be used to promote the products or services in the target market(s). These may include, for example: press releases, speaking engagements, newspaper coverage, a web site, and pro bono work.

5. Sales Plans

5.1 Discuss your sales plans, methods, and staff.5.2 Identify the customers. Show orders received, expected shipments, and expected revenues.

5.3 Discuss your advertising plan, and relate it to your plan for promotion.

6. Management
Describe how and why you are able to manage the company and its operations. Identify managers with brief biographies.

7. Operations

7.1 Describe your company’s current situation, structure and date of inception, date of incorporation and ownership. 7.2 Describe the proposed form of the company, and who will be investing in and owning the company.

7.3 If your company is reliant on a technology, describe that technology and how it will be utilized.

8. Financial Information and Concise Revenue Projections
Use both a text description and a spreadsheet presentation.

8.1 Provide concise revenue projections. Show the expected sales and expense figures (projected income statement). 8.2 Describe the amount currently invested in your company, and by whom.

8.3 Describe the amount of funding sought.

8.4 Describe the expected use of the proceeds of the loan or investment, and the effect on the company.

9. Competition
Discuss the competition to your product, service and company. Describe how you can compete.

10. Risk analysis
Discuss the risks that may affect your company, lenders or investors.

11. Exit Strategy
Describe the expected future of the company, such as a sale, buyout, IPO or continued operation.