The Key To Proposals for Government Contracts:

Responsive and Responsible.

These are the key terms in preparing a successful proposal in response to a government solicitation.

Cohen International provides services designed to assure that your proposal will be responsive and responsible.

We offer short-term proposal services and in-depth proposal assistance. Emergency assistance may be available, depending on scheduling factors.

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For clients who prefer short-term or emergency assistance drafting and submitting their government contract proposal, we provide the following government contract consulting services:

  1. Review your proposal before you submit it.
  2. Write a critique of your proposal.
  3. Debrief you in a way that will help you improve your proposal.

Work may be accomplished on an emergency or short-notice basis, subject to scheduling and availability – but call early.  Time runs short close to deadlines.

For clients who prefer in-depth government contract proposal consulting, we provide these services:

  1. Assess your ability to compete for the contract.
  2. Draft and publish your proposal, with you, in a professional manner, so that it is responsive to the solicitation.
  3. Assure that your proposal presents your responsive and responsible offer.
  4. Submit the proposal in the proper manner to the government agency.
  5. Draft, with you, responses to the government’s subsequent questions.
  6. Complete and submit your response to the request for BAFO.

We write it with you, not for you.

Our in-depth service and method involves spending quite a bit of time with your firm’s staff, so that we can understand exactly what your firm does, and how you do it. Our short-term services have quick turnaround time.

We have produced successful proposals in a wide variety of businesses including: health care, printing, machinery, electronics, shipping, raw materials, software, custodial services, metals, currency, paper, postage stamps, disaster planning, DOD, NIH, NASA, EPA, NSF, and others.

Services include:

We also have a specialty practice in SBIR Proposal Development.

Of course, we can utilize all sorts of flashy additions in the production of your proposal — but only when, and if, that is appropriate. The text content — its response to the specifications, its organization, and its responsiveness to the solicitation — is the most important factor.

Most clients tell us that we are easier to work with than any other consultant they have contacted. Another interesting comment we often hear after the proposal is complete, is that our clients know more about their firm’s operations than they did before we started the project.

Cohen International will provide an initial assessment at no obligation to your firm.